Cycling through the world.

FTW cyclists WNY was started by Jenn at Campus WheelWorks in 2017. She didn’t do this alone, and this group would not be possible without the help of the various women that have graced Campus WheelWorks with their presence and put in some serious work.

Jenn started riding a bicycle at the ripe age of 23, so she is a firm believer of “better late then never”. Landing a job at the bike shop opened up a whole world of possibility and all kinds of bike gadgets and technology. Despite embracing geared bikes and some off-road riding, Jenn still favors a simple single speed for a majority of her rides. After all, she is a commuter through and through. In addition to this, she is proudly representing the Liv Cyling brand since 2018. She works at Campus WheelWorks as their inventory manager for both the Elmwood Ave and Niagara St locations.

As a person that has generally felt like an outsider, Jenn is forever craving community. This is where FTW Cyclists comes in! If you are looking for a cycling commnunity, we hope you give the FTW Cyclists events a try. If you would like to be involved, please feel free to reach out! You can email Jenn at jkowalik@campuswheelworks.com

Jenn identifies as a woman and uses she/her pronouns.