FTW = Friends Through Wheels

We wish to welcome women, non-binary people, and trans folks. Whether you are feminine presenting, masculine presenting, or totally androgynous.. or oscillate anywhere in between! Gender is fluid. We also acknowledge and honor the intersectionality of gender and race. All races, all cultures, all roots- we welcome your presence and your perspective. We want you here. We wish to build a cycling community that honors and centers diverse perspectives and approaches. We want to empower each other through educational clinics and provide a brave space to thrive through our bike rides and social gatherings.

FTW Cyclists WNY has been a few years in the making. The group name and attitude has gone through its own evolution over the years. Despite this, the space we take up has always been necessary. Initially this group started as a women’s cycling initiative, but we now understand and acknowledge that gender is a spectrum and is not the only form of oppression.

We are working towards building a better cycling community in Buffalo, NY.

This is NOT a space where cis-men are hated. However, this is meant to be a space where everyone else is celebrated the same way that cis-men are on a regular basis. This space is a brave space.